Chapter Four: Mobile Applications
This chapter deals with a short list of apps recommended for your smartphones

Title 10 Essential Mobile Apps


Chapter Three Protecting your Mobile
This chapter deals with ways you can protect your phone from theft and ways you can protect the data

Title: How to Secure your Phone

Chapter Two: Rise of Mobile
This chapter deals with the rapid rise of Smartphones

Title Death of the Internet. Long Live Mobile

Chapter One: Mobile and Security
This chapter deals the issue of Data and your mobile in compliance with Data Protection legislation

Title Privacy Concerns and Your Mobile

BBC Watchdog SPAM

The Guardian article on Smart Meters and Privacy


I am surprised that this article took so long to become an important issue

This article deals with the polarized camps on the issue of  Smart Meters  

Anna Fielder, consumer rights advocate and campaigner at Privacy International, which campaigns against commercial and state intrusion, said consumers in other countries were starting to question the roll-out of smart meters. “Research in Germany, for example, has found that consumers say it’s really creepy and they don’t want Big Brother in their houses,” Fielder said.